Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shot Through the Heart (And Donovan is to blame)

During the making of this piece, I was subjected to Donovan's "Atlantis" several times by Spotify. I had it on a playlist I made of oldies and classic rock. Somehow, it decided that I needed to be barraged by Atlantis. I think it might be psychic, since I was having a good laugh last night over some guy being beaten to death with Atlantis playing in the background in "Goodfellas".

I decided to revisit this because after last nights deviation, I compared it on my blog to another sacred heart I did years ago. I took the original from that piece, and created a new skeleton for this. I was going to re-create the layered piece I did before as a live trace, but I ended up doign this instead. I'm actually really pleased with how this came out.

I feel a bit sacrilegious about putting a Sacred Heart on a set of cross hairs, but there's something to it that makes sense. Please excuse the Bon Jovi reference as a title - I couldn't think of a better one (Though my husband suggested "Total Eclipse of the Heart")

I'm a little iffy on the little gradient dots on the edges, but I think I might leave them there. I like them.

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