Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sacred Hearts

Just a doodle I did because my husband insisted I draw SOMETHING. Feeling kindof down tonight. Not really feeling up to drawing.

I drew a Sacred Heart because it was something I used to look to for comfort. I've never been Catholic, but the Sacred Heart has always been something I considered very beautiful. The idea that something in this life could be so beautiful gave me happiness and hope for a better day tomorrow.

I've always been drawn to the Sacred Heart. The Immaculate heart is beautiful as well, but the Sacred heart is something else entirely. While I know that the Sacred Heart doesn't stand for this, I always felt that the Sacred heart represented the love one had for Jesus and his role as lord and savior. I thought maybe if I could find what set my heart alight in that same way, it would feel complete. Somehow, this image is one of the only things that has truly set my heart alight in that way. I could draw sacred hearts all day. I used to. I used to have them all over my notebooks in high school. I made them into clay beads and pendents. I nearly had one tattooed on me, but my mother told me that was only for "jailers and sailors".

There's just something about an image that makes your heart ache in awe of its beauty. It sounds ridiculous, but I feel like this is what my heart would look like if I could just find that "one thing".

But I think I like this one below better: 

The black and neon one is one of my favorite pieces from my portfolio.

It's interesting to see them side by side (or, one over the other rather) since they're so different.

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  1. I think the reason I like that second one isn't so much about the colors, but I like the effect- is it something like a 'negative' effect? Well I like how it just went wild in all those tiny circles and details. It makes it look a little grungy. It's an interesting contrast then with the very ordered spirals surrounding it.

    The intricacy of all the tiny shapes inside the heart caused by the effect on it strike me as very different than what I've normally seen you do. I like the very fine, intricate lines.