Thursday, April 5, 2012

Neon Cats, Ahoy!

 On my adventure to create at least one thing per day,  I decided to just mess with my tablet. For fun, I decided to draw a cat. I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I went with my usual and put it inside a circle. I liked the way it looked, and have provided an example below. I like the complementary colors I used. For most of them (I did one each in pink, orange, green, and blue), I kept the green eyes. It didn't look quite as good with the orange though,

I played around with outline strokes and paths til I found one that worked well enough. Then, I used the blob tool to make a background for the design. The black square behind these is only for demonstration. If I were to have these made into stickers (which I intend to), they would be die cut around the outline of the outermost color border. I'm mostly just amused that I drew neon cats! 

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