Friday, March 30, 2012

Inertia Creeps - Complete

Inertia Creeps
lyrics by: Massive Attack (Robert Del Naja, Grant Marshall, Andrew Vowles)

Adobe Illustrator CS5
Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet
25+ hours

This began as a doodle in my sketchbook while I was doing laundry. After I posted it to my Facebook, a friend asked if I would be willing to sell him a print of it. That meant I actually needed to digitize it, and do it well. I worked on it from Tuesday, March 27th until just now on March 30th.. I worked on it close to 8 hours a day. I decided to use a matte colored background because I felt that adding any more detail to it would detract from the design. I chose blue because I felt the baby blue had more personality than white, but left the design to show itself. I had toyed around with a gradient backdrop, but it ended up detracting from it. I had also toyed with putting a layer over it and carving out the Massive Attack logo from it, but again, it did not work so well. I don't feel as though I can take as much pride as I should with this piece because the lyrics belong to someone else. I feel like this is fan art that should be left to my DeviantArt account. On the other hand, I worked really hard on this. I spent several days working on it, and I hand-shaped each letter one at a time. This wasn't just me shaping a font - this was me crafting each piece by itself. 

I think in general, this is something I can be proud of, and I will definitely keep it in my portfolio as a testament to my use of Illustrator, and my knowledge of spacial design.

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