Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fairy Night

Hey everyone! This is my design, and I would absolutely love you FOREVER If you would 1. ote for it! 2. Share it so your friends can vote for it! 

It would mean the world to me to get my design on something, so if you think this rocks (or even pebbles a little bit), vote! ♥

Fairy Night


  1. Well, I happily voted you and sent the link along to my wall- although I don't have many FB friends so I'm not sure if it helped. XD

    I can tell you really love this piece, though I'm a bit torn on it. I think the concept is so great. I really do like it. The thing to me though about it is that I kind of feel like I'm looking at at least three different images laying on top of each other instead of a coherent idea.

    Where I think you got it really right was in the background and the crescent moon arc. The different colored and sized spots give such a great impression of little semi-transparent mists or little spores. It's just got a great depth. Although they're perfectly round and very graphic, they appear so delicate and spaced at a variety of distances behind the mushrooms. It looks like I could be staring at an unending cave.

    The arc above it helps enclose it nicely into an area and help draw the eyes around the whole image. The thickness of the outer line with the thinness of the inner give me a little Art Nouveau sort of feel.

    Those two parts really set up the idea of a delicate image, but then the rest is very heavy handed. Even though the slender vines and leaves are just outlines and that curl around, they just don't feel that delicate to me. The lines are all the same thickness and the curves are not always consistent. the leftmost leaf is quite a bit more curly and curvy than the right. The marks down the center vary between the two quite a bit. It's not that they'd have to be the same, but when you add in the central mushrooms, the variances feel like they're fighting for attention.

    The leaves are almost the same height as the mushrooms, flanking them on each side so my eyes kind of hit the main mushroom, then they jerk back and forth between the two leaves and then dart up to the top of the crescent and then back down to the base of the mushroom where the other two sprout. If I cover up the mushrooms, it looks like the basis for a really sweet, simple graphic. It looks kind of Pagany or fluffy gothy. You know? Sort of magic. The spore/dot things start looking like space and the crescent the moon.

    If I cover up the two leaves and leave the mushrooms with the coiled vines, it seems complete. The coils are more curly than the nouveau arc, but they're also much closer and reminiscent of the arc shape, whereas the leaves are a closed new shape that's not reflected anywhere else in the piece. It seems cohesive. Let the leaves back in the picture and it's like there's too much going on again. Too many ideas.

    The mushrooms themselves are VERY heavy. Everything else is like, oh, I look semi transparent or oh, I am a thin, curved line and then it's like BAM. Mushrooms. They're just so solid and so flat, it looks a bit more like an ink stamp laid on top of a picture or a graffiti of a mushroom over an existing picture than something that was organically growing in the same place that these vines are. I think maybe because the mushrooms have a glow around them and the leaves don't, they don't look like they belong together. Or because the leaves don't and the mushrooms do. Either way.

  2. Anyway, I really feel like I get where you were trying to go with it. Like, as a looker, I can see your intent. I understand the colors and I think it's a pretty bold choice that works, given how delicate the background and then how demanding the specific choice of yellow with it that they can go together. But it's a strong, powerful color to put with that kind of blue and with how thick and solid the mushrooms are, the color just becomes too much. And yet, I think that if you were to add another color in there, it'd make the yellow start to look like a tacky choice or a miscolor.

    If you still have the file, I might try removing those leaves and see what you think. I think removing the mushrooms would be kinda anti the point, because I'm guessing the intent was specifically to feature mushrooms.

    Anyway, I really do like the idea of it. I think of all kinds of things. Sometimes I think it's a forest floor, other times a cave. When I look at it, I feel like I"m looking at a scenery, kind of done stylistically, rather than just a picture of a mushroom, which I appreciate. It's a very 'story' image and I also appreciate that it's called a fairy nightlight without it being so literal as to have an actual fairy in it. But anywho... yes. I'd either try fiddling with removing the leaves, or maybe laying them on the very bottom of the crescent like they're framing the mushroom patch on the ground, or maybe trying to make the mushrooms better reflect the leaf design. Maybe make some negative space circles for mushroom spots? Negative space for mushroom gills...? Just a few random ideas, but really I think the key is in losing the leaves that are fighting for attention.